About Daniel

Daniel and his family made aliya from Cleveland. He grew up in Jerusalem where he was very active in the youth movements and where, during his teenage years, he first learned to love the land and became passionate about hiking through its terrain.
he currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in special forces of the charuv unit in the reserves.
Served the IDF in the special forces of the Paratroop Brigade, subsequently becoming an officer and Captain. He currently serves as a company commander with the rank of Major in the Reserves.

Daniel was a teacher for seven years, for 11th and 12th graders in the special Meled High School, a learning center in Jerusalem for teenagers with personal and/or learning problems – drop-outs, many of whom have drinking and drug problems. Jewish History, Geography and Tanach (Bible)

For the past 20 years, after becoming a licensed tour guide, Daniel has guided all kinds of groups from all around the world: private families, Bar/Bat mitzvah tours, Taglit/Birthright groups, Jewish federations, J.N.F groups and VIP tours. He served as Educational Manager for the Birthright and MASA programs and was the Head Tour Guide and Program Director for the Sachlav Company

Daniel has finished  his MA at the Shechter Institute in the Department of Land of Israel Studies.
"I love to guide and teach about Israel, it is passion. Every tour I take is different for me and for the eyes of those I travel with".
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